Xiaobian gives you an idea of what the 3D printer service is like.

Xiaobian gives you an idea of what the 3D printer service is like.

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Toy design and hand model can not be used for 3D printing, footwear, industrial design, construction, engineering and construction (AEC),

Automotive, aerospace, dental and medical industries, education, GIS, wood engineering, and many other areas. often

Used in the manufacture of molds or in the field of mold design, industrial design, etc., or for the direct manufacture of some products, means this process


It is spreading. It is also possible to print out food through a 3D printer, which is the future direction of 3D printers.

1. High processing precision, generally up to 0.1mm/100mm,

2. It can manufacture parts with complex shapes (such as hollow parts), (such as jewelry, crafts, etc.), suitable for parts and toy accessories.

3. The 3D printing service manufactures components with fast speed and can perform 0.1-0.15mm layered scanning.

4. The appearance is good, the thin wall structure can be made in detail, and the post-processing is easy.

5. The processing is OK, many details can be processed when the CNC is not processed, which reduces the workload of post-processing,

6. Insufficient 3D printing service: The photosensitive resin material selected by laser forming is relatively simple, and the SLA trial strength and strength are not as good as the CNC sample. The buckle position is easy to break. The development of 3D printing is inseparable from the relationship between the manufacturing hand model.

3D printing service precision model provides you with various types of hand boards. We have more than 10 years experience in the production of hand model models, more than a dozen high precision CNC machining equipment, tolerance control in 0.05-0.10mm.24 hours production, shipping Speed 3-5 days. Use raw materials to make the structure and appearance of the hand board good.

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