3D printing service nozzle plug problem solving tutorial

3D printing service nozzle plug problem solving tutorial

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The printhead is a simple and critical part of the 3D print service component, and it is important to maintain it on a daily basis to ensure the success rate of the model print. Here, we show you some simple ways to clean your mouth.

First, 3D printing service cleaning prevention

Regular cleaning of the nozzles is a good way to prevent nozzle clogging. 3D printing services are especially for those who frequently change the printing of different consumables. Because some consumables have different characteristics and react to changes in temperature, especially rubber-like consumables. When replacing consumables, be sure to replace them when the print head is overheated to prevent material from cooling. When loading new consumables, do not force the consumables into the printhead. This will prevent material build-up inside the printheads.



Second, 3D printing service nozzle cleaning

Before cleaning the nozzle, determine if the nozzle is working properly. Sometimes, due to the gear that pushes it, the material may break at the entrance to the printhead. Another problem may be that the heating block is faulty, causing abnormal heating, etc. To prevent nozzle failure and blockage, first ensure that the tip of the nozzle and the area around the heating block are clean. The easiest way to ensure this is to use a wire brush nozzle and its The surrounding area is like.

Use linear motion and ensure access from multiple directions. Using a wire brush, with its greater friction, it is easy to remove charred material from the metal sprinkler and heat block surfaces. It should be noted here that the strength of the brush needs to be maintained because some parts may be damaged by the wire brush.

Third, use the needle to solve the blockage problem

A common problem with nozzle clogging may also be that the cooled consumables solidify inside the nozzle, causing the consumables to be squeezed out when printing. The first thing you need to do at this point is to heat the extruder and the spray head to soften the clogged material and then push it out with a needle. Give a small suggestion, or if you don't turn it on, try to heat the nozzle manually with a heat gun and then push it out with a needle, which is also a good way, as shown.

Of course, if the 3D printing service still clogs after trying the above steps, you can still do one thing. That is, suppose you use acrylonitrile-butadiene for 3D printing. Remove the spray head from the 3D print service head and place it in acetone for a few hours. Acetone melts the material in the spray head and allows it to be cleaned with a needle.

Well, the above are some simple and effective methods to quickly solve the nozzle blockage. Of course, if you can't solve the nozzle blockage problem through the above methods, you can also consult us, we will arrange a professional to help you answer.

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